Londonderry Christian Montessori School
Dear Parents,
On behalf of the Session & the Congregation of Peace
Presbyterian Church, welcome to our school. We would consider
it an honor & a privilege to be involved in this important part of
your child's early years. We see this effort as our way of
ministering to you & to your family. We do this out of love &
allegiance to our Lord Jesus Christ. Along with our excellent
school staff & our pastoral counselor, we are here to serve you
and be available for you and your family.
May God bless you.

The Officers & Members of Peace Presbyterian Church
The Children
Londonderry Christian Montessori School is dedicated to
cultivating each child's natural desire to learn and helping all
children reach their full potential. Our safe and supportive
environment allows each child the freedom to develop at his or
her own pace. Children are encouraged to respect others as
well as themselves, and in the process, develop a strong inner
discipline and sense of self-worth.
Parent Participation
Parents share in the school life of their child by attending
parent-teacher conferences, open houses, and field trips.
Classroom observations and discussions may be scheduled
with teachers to further advise parents about their child's
experience at school. Parents also enjoy attending regular
social functions throughout the year.
"Education is a natural process carried out by
the child and is not acquired by listening to
words but by experiences in the environment."
- Dr. Maria Montessori
" Never help a child with a task at which he
feels he can succeed."
- Dr. Maria Montessori
174 Londonderry Road
Goose Creek, SC 29445
Please excuse our website as we are working to
make sure it is informative and enjoyable. Be sure to
check the site often as updates will be made daily.
Please call for
3 and 4 day